Valve Blocks

If you are a boat owner you will have no doubt heard of the Boat Safety Scheme ( BSS )

Under current Boat Safety Scheme requirements diesel engines fitted with ’screw-in’ injectors with rubber ‘push-on’ spill pipes or other plastic pipes must either have a non-return valve fitted in the return pipe or return to tank via gravity.

The valve block is specially designed for engines which use these rubber hoses to interconnect the injectors as part of the leak off or spill rail system.

Bolted on to the injection pump the valve block gives an ideal strong junction for connecting hoses as well as incorporating a non-return valve for spill rail compliance to the Boat Safety Scheme (section 2.10.5)

The Tecky Bit

Surplus fuel from coming from the injectors is collected in the spill pipe which passes through the non-return valve comprising of a seat, ball and spring to joins the main return flow back to the tank.

Yellow Valve Block Diagram

The valve block is made from solid aluminium with an anodized coating in different colours for easy type identification, and can be used on up to 8 cylinder engines.

The outlet thread is industry standard and various hose sizes and angles can be accommodated for ease of application. All valves have the same internal parts.

Blue, Green and Yellow Valve Blocks

BLUE valve block is mainly used on rotary injection pumps where the return pipe is on TOP of the pump.

Main applications are; Bosch VE (non turbo) and CAV (inc Delphi and Roto Diesel) turbo and non turbo rotary pumps.

Blue Valve Block Blue Valve Block
Yellow Valve Block Diagram

GREEN valve block is used mainly on rotary injection pumps where the return pipe is on BACK of the pump.

Main applications are; Bosch VE turbo ( inc torque control )

Green Valve Block Green Valve Block

Yellow Valve Block DiagramYELLOW Valve block is the recently introduced (Summer 2012) UNIVERSAL valve and is designed to be used on ‘common rail’ or ‘multi-pump’ (one injection pump per cylinder) applications where the valve block is mounted remotely on the engine using suitable brackets.

Yellow Valve Block Yellow Valve Block

Yellow valve block in Common Rail systemYellow Valve Block Diagram Yellow valve Block in Multi-Pump systemYellow Valve Block Diagram

Outline drawing

Yellow Valve Block Diagram

Mounting Brackets

Yellow Valve Block Diagram

Deutz engine

Yellow Valve Block Diagram

The valves are maintenance free and are a DIY installation with no special tools or equipment. Each kit comes with full fitting instructions. Please look in the ‘Examples’ section for some ‘Before & After’ examples.

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